Octagon Love!

I have never blogged before so bear with me as I get adjusted. For the first installment, I want to answer a question that is asked of me again and again :

 Why did you choose the name “The Blue Octagon”?

Years ago, when I started decorating, I was trying to come up with a name for my business that was easier to say than my first and last name – “Krissa Wichser” can be quite a tongue twister( and did you know my husband’s name is Chris?!?!)

I tried thinking of things that would capture my style … this led me to some of my favorite items in my home.  Immediately I recalled my most prized possession: a Schumacher white wool rug with interlocking powder blue octagons.  At the time, it was the nicest thing we had ever purchased for our home and it was something I fell in love with at first sight!  Why?  Well, not just because of its beautiful creamy background, or the gorgeous shade of the blue octagons, but also because of the octagons themselves! 


 Octagons have a long history in interior design.  It may be because the octagon has many meanings in many cultures – such as “completion” in Buddhism and “good luck” in feng shui.  The Octagon has a lot of design flexibility and can be used in many sizes.  Classic yet contemporary, this strong geometric shape works in many different design aesthetics.  Big or small, blue – or any color for that matter, the octagon just catches the eye!

PHOTO CREDIT: Ruthie Summers


So the name of the business was born and with it the desire to open a store. I have thought about opening a store for so long and never once doubted its name! I am passionate about my store, passionate about its name and still passionate about that rug! 

The-Blue-Octagon-Home-Decor-Shop-Philadelphia_0542 I look forward to catching up with you again soon!
Thanks for reading!

– Krissa

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